Aezani to Dorylaeum (R-AS-D20)

road near Bridge 1 N of Cotiaeon (3).JPG

Dorylaeum (Dorylaion) is situated at Karadja Hissar, six miles southwest of the modern Eskişehir. This city already existed under the kings of Phrygia and is mentioned by most of the ancient geographers. (39.800, 30.536).

Aezani (Aizanoi) was an unfortified city in existence already in the Hellenistic period. It was one of the cities willed to Rome by Pergamon in 133 BC. It was located on both sides of the Rhyndakos River. It is on the site of Cavdarhisar (39.197, 29.615).

This ancient road connected Aezani to Dorylaeum. David French labels this road D20 in his map of Asia. This road passed through Cotiaeum (Cotiaeon) before reaching its destination. The modern roads run along a good portion of the ancient.

Notable remnants on this road is a bridge at (39°28’49.64”N, 30°02’13.11”E, 3016 ft.), just off the main highway in Eskişehir. Another is the White Bridge (39°30’16.99”N, 30°02’08.06”E, 3007 ft.) in Akkopru and a completely redone bridge (39°32’11.15”N, 29°29’06.11”E, 2702 ft.) near Tavsonli.


Aezani:  PECS

Dorylaeum: EHW, CE