Apollo Smintheon to Assos (R-AS-D61*) OLD

This portion of the trip goes from Apollo Smintheon (north-west) to Assos (south-east). It starts at the temple itself and exits through the two rows of statue bases that can still be seen. Near the modern village of Gulpinar can be found road remnants and also three wells that are clustered relatively close to one another and are still in use today by locals. There is a well-preserved section of road around 500m in length.

near Bektas – road and three wells

Koyunevi – road ruts

East of Koyunevi – road rubble

West of Balabani – road

Korubaşi – road with curbing

Korubaşi – newest road discovery









Koyunevi – 4.1 – 39.489700, 26.183100 (E) to 39.490100, 26.182200 (W)

East of Koyunevi – 4.2 – 39.490900, 26.188000 (N) to 39.489400, 26.187800 (S)

West of Balabani – 4.3 – 39.502100, 26.207600 (NE) to 39.500000, 26.203800 (SW)