The Magydos Cut and Viaduct

A still-visible fragment of the Magydos-Perge road crosses a range of low hills to the north of Magydos. Roman engineers cut into the hillside in order to create a passage through the rock. The road descends to the north by a viaduct (approximately 220 meters north of the NE end of the fragment).

Magydos Cut

At its highest point, the wall of the pass measures 4.7 meters; roughly in the middle the measurements are about 2-3 meters high. As for the road itself, it is divided into three tiers of differing widths. The main bed of the road varies from 1.7 to 2.3 meters wide. Flanking either side of this are two raised platforms (pedestrian sidewalks) about 0.4 meters higher than the road bed, each measuring 1.4 meters across. Finally, there is a “lip” raised 0.3 meters above both of the second tiers. On the eastern side it is 0.5 meters wide; on the western, it is 0.3 meters wide. Between the western lip and the wall of the cut is a water channel 0.4 meters wide.

Location:GPS Coordinates (SW):
GPS Coordinates (NE):
Modern Province:
Ancient Province:
N36.906389 E30.830514
N36.909111 E30.832208
Average width of road bed:
Width of adjacent platforms:
Width of eastern lip:
Width of western lip:
335 M
2 M
1.4 M each
0.5 M
0.5 M

Magydos Viaduct

The viaduct is comprised of a large section of wall partially covered by brush. The height of the wall measures about 2.8 meters. The stones average around 1x.8x.6 meters. One row of blocks lines either side of the wall and the rest in the middle is fill. The fill measures 4.7 meters across.

Location:GPS Coordinates (SW):N36.911057 E30.832536
GPS Coordinates (NE):N36.911514 E30.832882
Modern Province:Antalya
Ancient Province:Pamphylia
Dimensions:Length:35 M
Height:2.8 M
Width (total):6.3 M
Width (walls):0.8 M each
Width (fill):4.7 M