The following is a list of links to outside resources with relevant information on the Anatolian road system.

  • Ancient World Online – A blog that focuses primarily on the sharing and commenting on open access material related to the ancient world, including information on Roman roads and bridges.
  • Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire?- A useful website that is exactly what it says, a digital atlas. The large map focuses on the ancient Roman Empire, but you can also use a side map that pulls up the modern map. It is largely based off of the Barrington Atlas. However, if one zooms in completely it is clear that the roads do not seem to follow the natural boundaries that they would have needed to.
  • Index Anatolicus – Written in Turkish, this website allows you to search a name of a location within Turkey and find it on a map.
  • OmnesViae: Roman Routeplanner – This site maps many of the Roman roads all over the empire. It uses ancient iconography to denote points of interest on a modern map.
  • Pleiades – An online historical geographical encyclopedia that allows students, enthusiasts, and scholars to provide data so that they can use, share, create, and map historical geographic information about the ancient world.
  • ROMAQ: The Atlas Project of Roman Aqueducts – This website focuses on aqueducts, but is still useful for our research as they often followed roads and were near civilization. This site uses Google Maps to show where these aqueducts are located today. The website is still in development.