Roads of Ancient Anatolia

Our goal is to compile a list of all known ancient road segments in Anatolia.  We are adapting the numeration system developed by David French in his BIAA volumes of Anatolian milestones.  We hope to have links to separate pages for each road section for which we have surviving material evidence, arranged by Roman province. On each homepage are links to surviving fragments of the road, bridges it contains, and milestones found along it. We ask for your patience as we develop a system for displaying the data we have assembled and organize it on the subpages. Please click here to see our first road pages depicting R-AS-D60* (Troas to the Smintheon) and R-AS-D61* (the Smintheon to Assos).

Our ID system is as follows:

R-AS-D60*  = Road – Province of ASia – road D60  * indicates that this road is not listed by David French.

The two named roads on French’s map (which cross numerous provincial borders) are the
Via Sebaste and the Pilgrim’s Road.

Here is the listing of roads by province.