Roads of Bithynia and Pontus

TARP IDSegment
R-BP-A1Cyzicus (AS) to Prusa ad Olympum
R-BP-A2Prusa ad Olympum to Dorylaeum (AS)
R-BP-A3Prusa ad Olympum to Aezani (AS)
R-BP-A4Hadrianuthera to Prusa ad Olympum
R-BP-A5Prusa ad Olympum to Dorylaeum (AS)
R-BP-A6A2 to Cotiaeum (AS)
R-BP-B1Claudiopolis to Ancyra (GA)
R-BP-B2Claudiopolis to Pilgrims Road (GA-P1)
R-BP-B3Hadrianopolis to Amasia (CA)
R-BP-B4Ionopolis to Gangra
R-BP-C1Chalcedon to Trapezus
R-BP-C2Nicomedia to C1
R-BP-C3Prusa ad Hypium to C1
R-BP-C4Heraclia to Claudiopolis
R-BP-C5Tium to B1/E1
R-BP-C6Amastris to Hadrianopolis
R-BP-C7C1 (Sinope) to C7
R-BP-C8Nicaea to F2
R-BP-C9Nicaea to A2
R-BP-C10Prusa ad Olympum to Nicomedia
R-BP-C11Prusa ad Olympum to Nicaea
R-BP-C12Prusa ad Olympum to Hadriani
R-BP-C13Col. Apamea to Prusa ad Olympum
R-BP-C14Col. Apamea to Cius
R-BP-C15P1 to Claudiopolis
R-BP-C16Iuliopolis to Claudiopolis
R-BP-D1Amisus to Anctra (GA)
R-BP-E1Claudiopolis to Amasia (CA)
R-BP-F1Amisus to Amasia (CA)
R-BP-F2Nicomedia to Neocaesarea (CA)
R-BP-F3Neocaesarea (CA) to Polemonium
R-BP-F4Polemonium to Nicopolis (CA)
R-BP-F5Cerasus to Nicopolis (CA)
L1Trapezus to Samosata (CO)
P1Chalcedon to Antioch (Syria)