William Mitchell Ramsay

William Mitchell Ramsay (1851-1939) was a British archaeologist and expert on early Christianity and the geographical locations St. Paul’s missionary journeys. Beginning in 1880 he traveled and explored Asia Minor extensively. In addition to his travels, Ramsay also served as a professor at the universities of Oxford and Aberdeen, and was elected a member of multiple European and American academic societies. His work earned him recognition from the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and the University of Pennsylvania. Besides publishing a number of books on the ancient Near East, he also contributed articles to academic journals and the 9th – 11th editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Below we have links to his works connected to ancient Roman roads in modern day Turkey.

  • Historical Geography of Asia Minor (1890)
  • The Church in the Roman Empire (1893)
  • The Cities and Bishoprics of Phrygia? (2 vols., 1895, 1897)
  • St Paul the Traveler and the Roman Citizen? (1895)
  • Impressions of Turkey (1897)
  • Was Christ Born at Bethlehem (1898)
  • Historical Commentary on Galatians (1899)
  • The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia (1905)
  • Pauline and other Studies in Early Christian History?(1906)
  • The Cities of St. Paul (1907)
  • Lucan and Pauline Studies?(1908)
  • The Thousand and One Churches, co-author (1909)


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